Shopping for Auto Accessories When You Know Nothing About Cars

Shopping for Auto Accessories When You Know Nothing About Cars

Choosing material for your custom made seat covers

Ethan Andrews

Getting seat covers for your car is a great solution when you want to protect your car's seats from dirt and wear. It makes the car seats last longer and gives the car a personalised aesthetic touch. A problem with seat covers in general is that the fit can be slightly off or not fit at all if you have exceptionally large seats in your car. One way to get the seat covers you are looking for is to purchase custom made seat covers. They will be tailored to fit your particular car, and you can also choose the material and style all by yourself. However, to make sure you get the seat covers with the exact right properties you need, you need to know a few things about the most common materials.


Leather is a popular material mostly because it has an air of luxury surrounding it. It looks and feels expensive, and is an excellent material for protecting your seats. There are few pet claws or fluids that will eat through leather and cause damage to the seat underneath. A downside with this material is that it can get really hot when it's sunny outside, which also makes it more fragile and prone to wear from usage. However, as it is a seat cover, you can simply remove it during the hottest days of the year.

Ballistic nylon

This is a tough material that can withstand all types of fluids and dirt. If you're an off road enthusiast, or just find yourself driving in dirty environments often, then ballistic nylon might be a good idea for you. This is, however, not the most comfortable of materials. It might therefore be a good idea to use these seat covers when driving in certain environments, and another material when taking the family for a ride.


Velour is the opposite of ballistic nylon in the sense that it offers little to no protection against fluids but a highly comfortable experience. It's a very soft material that can be ordered in different thicknesses to provide the most amount of comfort. It does help to protect your seats from dirt and wear, but it can't stop fluids. For that reason, velour isn't the best material to have in your entire car if you have children. It can, however, be a solution that you put in the front seat, while choosing more resistant material in the back seat to protect it from the spillage that children have a tendency to create. 

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Shopping for Auto Accessories When You Know Nothing About Cars

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