Shopping for Auto Accessories When You Know Nothing About Cars

Shopping for Auto Accessories When You Know Nothing About Cars

Factors to Consider When Buying a New Car Carrier Trailer

Ethan Andrews

When you want to transport a car from one destination to another, you need a carrier trailer for haulage. A carrier trailer offers a simple yet efficient mode of transportation as you don't have to pay for a large flatbed or trailer truck to do the job. What's more, it is suitable for both domestic and commercial use depending on why you need to tow your vehicle. However, to get the most out of this equipment, you have to ensure that you have the right one for the job.

This article will give you three things that you should consider when buying a car trailer to ensure that you got the right one for the job.

Trailer capacity

Car carrier trailers come in multiple sizes. There are those that can haul one vehicle while others can transport three or more cars. What kind of trailer do you need? If you are in the towing business, buying one that can carry more than one car can be a viable option for your business. On the other hand, if you need one for transporting your car to various locations, you might want one that carries one vehicle only. Remember, if you get a large trailer, you need a tow truck that can handle the weight of the hauled vehicles. Therefore, think about the tow car you have and its weight capacity before buying a trailer.

Deck material

The next essential thing to consider is the material of the trailer's deck. The most common ones are wood, steel, and aluminium. Aluminium is the best and most durable material for your car trailer. Due to its lightweight nature, it does not add unnecessary weight to the towing vehicle. What's more, it can last for years without showing signs of wear. Steel is also a sturdy material, but it is not as lightweight as aluminium. Therefore, it will significantly add to the total towing weight. Wood decks are the cheapest, but wood is often prone to water damage, cracks, and chips which can compromise the integrity of the trailer.

Safety features

Safety is an essential aspect of the towing process. You want to make sure that your trailer comes with safety features to prevent it from swaying, losing control, or breaking away from the towing vehicle. Crashing a towed car can be pretty devastating. So as you buy a trailer, look out for features such as tie-down straps and chains for securing the cars. You also need an emergency braking system that should engage if the trailer breaks away from the towing vehicle.

Follow these simple tips when buying a car trailer to ensure that you get the best value from this new equipment.


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