Shopping for Auto Accessories When You Know Nothing About Cars

Shopping for Auto Accessories When You Know Nothing About Cars

How to Prepare Your New 4x4 for a Real Adventure

Ethan Andrews

If you have a true sense of adventure, then you may have bought a four-wheel-drive vehicle for a good reason. You don't intend to use it as an urban tractor, or to leave it parked outside your house or flat over the weekend. Instead, you're going to head off into the bush with your mates to find out what Australia is really all about. Yet, if you're going to live up to your word, you may find that your stock vehicle will not be too cooperative, as its standard suspension may simply be unable to cope. In this case, you need to look at a4x4 suspension lift kit before you do anything else.

Plenty of Choices

You will be pleased to see that there are many different lift kits available for your brand of vehicle, and you may be able to go all out and elevate the vehicle by up to 50 mms while still staying within legal Australian limits. This will surely allow you to deal with any type of terrain and to cross a swollen stream or two as you pursue adventure off-road.

Understanding the Compromise

Before you make your choice, however, you need to decide what level of compromise is right for you. You can certainly go for handling alone and tune the vehicle so that it is perfectly at home in the outback, or you can choose something in between so that you still get a comfortable ride when you do have to drive back and forth to work.

Buying the Best

Always make sure that you buy products that are made by recognised component manufacturers with experience and knowledge of their craft. These parts will be able to deal with the roughest terrain on a regular basis while lasting as long as possible, as the manufacturers will use premium components, proven in the field.

Configuring Your Needs

You will get a combination of heavy-duty springs, shock absorbers and toughened bushes, and there's plenty of choice in the marketplace. You will need to tailor your selection according to the configuration of your vehicle, however, and may need to make changes if you have any other off-roading accessories fitted, especially a bull bar or a winch. You may also need to make careful changes if you are intent on towing a trailer when you set off on your adventure.

Getting Prepared

Make a note of your requirements and decide how serious you want to be when it comes to off-road performance. Make sure that your component supplier is aware of all your needs and can help you to choose the perfect solution.


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Shopping for Auto Accessories When You Know Nothing About Cars

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