Shopping for Auto Accessories When You Know Nothing About Cars

Shopping for Auto Accessories When You Know Nothing About Cars

The Do's of Roof Rack Installation and Usage

Ethan Andrews

You need a roof rack if you have a 4WD vehicle and plan to tour the Australian outback. Roof racks are versatile features installed on a car's roof to increase storage space. Depending on the type and design of a roof rack, you can carry items as light as a tent or as heavy as a kayak. However, most people do not know much about roof racks, and they end up misusing them. This article highlights the do's of roof rack usage.

Keep It Low -- When installing a roof rack, always remember to keep it as low as possible. Most people believe that there is not much difference whether a roof rack sits low or high. However, it is not true because a roof rack's height has several effects. For instance, a rack that sits too high increases wind drag and compromises fuel efficiency. Additionally, a high roof rack raises a truck's centre of gravity, increasing the risk of tipping. It is particularly the case if you pack heavy loads. Read a manufacturer's manual for the ideal roof rack height before installation. Besides, some states put restrictions on the height of roof racks for road safety reasons.

Observe Speed Limits -- It is common for drivers to over speed with empty roof racks. However, just because your roof rack is empty does not mean that you can go full throttle on your 4WD car. Roof rack add-ons such as roof boxes have speed limit ratings, which must be observed to avoid severe damages to a vehicle. For example, exceeding the speed limit of a roof rack might generate significant forces that might rip it from the roof of your car. Furthermore, the rattling sound created by the wind hitting a roof rack at high speeds might compromise a quiet driving experience. Therefore, always keep within the speed limit indicated on a roof rack or its accessories.

Lubricate the Bolts -- Mounting a roof rack is easy if you have the right tools and fasteners. You need bolts and a wrench, which are usually included in the packaging. It is crucial to tighten the bolts adequately to achieve structural integrity and protect your belongings while driving. It is advisable to remove a roof rack when not in use to reduce your car's total weight and drag. Unfortunately, removing a roof rack can be challenging if bolt threads are not adequately lubricated. Therefore, lube your roof rack bolts regularly to make installation and unbolting easy.

Reach out to a professional for more information about roof racks


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